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Eating Close to Home

Our little farmer's market is on Wednesday evening and tonight I didn't buy flowers, because I finally have enough things blooming in my own yard that I can fill the vase under my grandmother's portrait myself. However, I did buy green beans (because the caterpillars got my bean plants before they could get off the ground), and new potatoes (which I think I'll plant next year) and gorgeous, fragrant fresh garlic. So tonight's dinner is pasta with the first zucchini from my garden, with hot pepper flakes, fresh garlic, and basil and mint from the garden.

I don't know how I'm going to go back to eating produce that's been on a truck after this. And it's not just me -- the dogs each got an egg with their breakfast this morning because my brother decided his eggs are too old. We've become so accustomed to fresh eggs from our neighbors that the old eggs go to make the dogs all shiny.

I also bought a jar of black plum jam from a lady who'd set up a card table and was selling veggies from her garden, jams, and beautiful pies. Beautiful hand-made imperfect delicious pies.

posted by Charlotte at 7/30/2003 05:19:00 PM


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