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Take Back the Flag!

Okay Lefties, it's time to take back the flag from the Right -- why should only horrible righ-wingers fly the flag on holidays like the Fourth of July? What could be more patriotic than dissent -- has anyone read the Declaration of Independence lately?

So yesterday I went out and bought a big flag, and flew it from my porch. It looked swell, especially with the Tibetan Prayer Flags that always fly on the top of my porch. Festive, Patriotic. (While we're at it, let's take back "patriotic" too.)

posted by Charlotte at 7/05/2003 08:10:00 AM


Rodeo Week in Livingston

Fourth of July is a big week here in Livingston -- the rodeo comes to town, there's a parade, and everyone I know seems to be having parties. Friday night was the Art Walk, or Art Swill as some of us have come to refer to it -- the whole town strolling up and down the street stopping in art galleries and drinking too much cheap art gallery wine. It was one of the first nice warm summer nights, and people had their party hats on.

Then last night was a gorgeous potluck barbecue outside of town, views of three mountain ranges (Crazies, Absarokas, Beartooths) with music provided by the old rancher from next door -- he had a great old electric guitar with one amp, and his buddy played the accordian, and they were really really good. It was one of those events that are so swell -- good food, nice people, old ranchers playing music, astonishing scenery and great weather -- that we all just sort of stood around being grateful and happy in one another's company. (Plus, my friend Scott McMillion, who wrote
Mark of the Grizzly : True Stories of Recent Bear Attacks and the Hard Lessons Learned
reassured me that I probably won't run into a grizzly up in Suce Creek where I like to walk the dogs. Which was good, since I've been reading all the grizzly books and had gotten a little freaked out. I'm glad they're there -- I'll lobby for more space for them in a heartbeat, I just really really don't want to surprise one and get mauled.)

Tomorrow night is Canada Day at Margie's, then Wednesday is the parade and the rodeo kicks off for three nights. And I love rodeo -- I know, I know, many people object to rodeo but I love it all -- mutton busting, roping, barrel racing (my aunt was a champeen barrel racer and has the buckles to prove it), and yes, bull riding. If I can find people to go with me, I'll go all three nights.

So, if we survive all the festivity here at LivingSmall, we'll let you know all about it.

posted by Charlotte at 6/30/2003 08:44:00 AM


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